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Motorola MC68838 User Manual page 2

Media access controller
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FAX 512-891-8593
The Motorola High-End Technical Publication Department provides a FAX number for you
to submit any questions and comments about this document. We welcome your
suggestions for improving our documentation or any questions concerning our products.
Please provide the part number and revision number (located in upper right-hand corner
on the cover), and the title of the document when submitting. When referring to items in
the manual please reference by the page number, paragraph number, figure number,
table number, and line number if needed. Reference the line number from the top of the
When we receive a FAX between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM EST, Monday
through Friday, we will respond within two hours. If the FAX is received after 5:00 PM or
on the weekend, we will respond within two hours on the first working day following receipt
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When sending a FAX, please provide your name, company, FAX number, and voice
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