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Management - Acer P1150 User Manual

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Choose "On" to dim the projector lamp, which will also
ECO Mode
lower the power consumption, reduce noise, and extend
the lamp life. Choose "Off" to return to the normal mode.
Choose "On" to turn on the High Altitude mode. When
this function is turned on, the projector fans operate at full
High Altitude
speed continuously to cool down the projector's
Turn Off Mode
Auto Shutdown
The projector will automatically shut down while there is
no signal input detected after the time you set.
Menu Display
Time (Seconds)
Selecting "On" enables the function. The projector will
AC Power On
automatically turn on when power is supplied via the
power cord.
Control Panel
Standard: Enables you to turn off the projector with
fan cooling process by pressing the power button
Instant Resume: Enables you to restart the projector
immediately within 2 minutes after turning it off.
5/15/30: Chooses the length of time the OSD menu
will remain active after your last key press.
Manual: The OSD menu remains active. The only way
to launch or exit the OSD menu is by pressing
Off: Allows all keys on the control panel to operate
Child Lock: Disables the Power key on the control
panel when the projector is in standby mode to
prevent it from being accidentally turned on. To turn
the projector on, press and hold the Power key for 3
Full Lock: Disables all keys on the control panel. If you
turn off the projector without disabling the Full Lock
function, the projector will still be in locked status the
next time it is turned on. To disable Full Lock function,
press and hold "POWER" on the control panel for 7
seconds and the Control Panel Lock will be set to
"Off". When the projector is in standby mode, press
and hold "POWER" on the control panel for 7 seconds
to turn the projector on and the Control Panel Lock
will be set to "Off".

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