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Caring For The Environment By Recycling - Motorola SURFBoard SBG6782 User Manual

Docsis 3.0 wireless
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This device is a wireless network product that uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) and Orthogonal
Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) radio technologies. The device is designed to be interoperable
with any other wireless DSSS and OFDMA products that comply with:
• The IEEE 802.11 Standard on Wireless LANs (Revision B, Revision G, and Revision N), as defined and
approved by the Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers
• The Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) certification as defined by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA).
Restrictions on the Use of Wireless Devices
In some situations or environments, the use of wireless devices may be restricted by the proprietor of the
building or responsible representatives of the organization. For example, using wireless equipment in any
environment where the risk of interference to other devices or services is perceived or identified as harmful.
If you are uncertain of the applicable policy for the use of wireless equipment in a specific organization or
environment, you are encouraged to ask for authorization to use the device prior to turning on the equipment.
The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by unauthorized modification
of the devices included with this product, or the substitution or attachment of connecting cables and equipment
other than specified by the manufacturer. Correction of the interference caused by such unauthorized
modification, substitution, or attachment is the responsibility of the user.
The manufacturer and its authorized resellers or distributors are not liable for any damage or violation of
government regulations that may arise from failing to comply with these guidelines.
Note: The use of the 5150-5250 MHz frequency band is restricted to Indoor Use Only.
SECURITY WARNING: This device allows you to create a wireless network. Wireless network connections
may be accessible by unauthorized users. For more information on how to protect your network, see the
SBG6580 User Guide for instructions or visit the Motorola website.


When you see this symbol on a Motorola product, do not dispose of the product
with residential or commercial waste.
Recycling your Motorola Equipment
Please do not dispose of this product with your residential or commercial waste.
Some countries or regions, such as the European Union, have set up systems to
collect and recycle electrical and electronic waste items. Contact your local
authorities for information about practices established for your region. If
collection systems are not available, call Motorola Customer Service for
assistance. Please visit
SBG6782 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Gateway • User Guide
for instructions on


Table of Contents

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