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Starting And Stopping - Husqvarna 120 Operator's Manual

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Starting and stopping

WARNING! Note the following before
The chain brake must be engaged when
the chain saw is started to reduce the
chance of contact with the moving chain
during starting.
Never start a chain saw unless the bar,
chain and all covers are fitted correctly.
Otherwise the clutch can come loose
and cause personal injuries.
Place the machine on firm ground. Make
sure you have a secure footing and that
the chain cannot touch anything.
Keep people and animals well away from
the working area.
The chain brake must be engaged when the chain saw is
started. Activate the brake by moving the front hand
guard forwards. (42)
Cold engine
Start position, 1: Move the ON/OFF switch to ON "I"
Choke, 2: Set the choke control in the choke position.
When the choke/fast idle lever is pulled out to the full
extent, the correct throttle setting is set automatically.
Air purge, 3: Press the air purge diaphragm repeatedly
until fuel begins to fill the diaphragm (about 6 times). The
diaphragm need not be completely filled. (38)
Pull the starter handle, 4: Grip the front handle with your
left hand. Hold the chain saw on the ground by placing
your right foot through the rear handle. Pull the starter
handle with your right hand and pull out the starter cord
slowly until you feel a resistance (as the starter pawls
engage) then pull firmly and rapidly until the engine fires.
Choke, 5: Push in the choke control as soon as the
engine fires which can be heard through a "puff"
sound. (41)
Pull the starter handle, 6: Keep on pulling the cord
powerfully until the engine starts.
Never twist the starter cord around your hand.
CAUTION! Do not pull the starter cord all the way out and
do not let go of the starter handle when the cord is fully
extended. This can damage the machine.
As the chain brake is still engaged the speed of the
engine must be set to idling as soon as possible, this is
achieved by quickly disengaging the throttle lock. This
prevents unnecessary wear to the clutch, clutch drum and
brake band. Then let the machine idle for a few seconds
before you apply full throttle.
Note! Reset the chain brake by pulling the front hand
guard back (marked "PULL BACK TO RESET") towards
the front handle. The chain saw is now ready for use.
There is a simplified start reminder with illustrations to
describe each step on the rear edge of the saw (A). (38)
Warm engine
Use the same starting procedure as for a cold engine but
without setting the choke control in the choke position.
WARNING! Long term inhalation of the
engine's exhaust fumes, chain oil mist
and dust from sawdust can represent a
health risk.
Never start a chain saw unless the bar, chain and
clutch cover are fitted correctly. See instructions
under the heading Assembly. Without a bar and chain
attached to the chain saw the clutch can come loose
and cause serious injury. (35)
The chain brake should be activated when starting.
Se instructions under the heading Start and stop. Do
not drop start. This method is very dangerous
because you may lose control of the saw. (40)
Never start the machine indoors. Exhaust fumes can
be dangerous if inhaled.
Observe your surroundings and make sure that there
is no risk of people or animals coming into contact
with the cutting equipment.
Always hold the saw with both hands. The right hand
should be on the rear handle, and the left hand on the
front handle. All people, whether right or left handed,
should use this grip. Use a firm grip with thumbs and
fingers encircling the chain saw handles. (45)
The engine is stopped by moving the stop switch to the
stop position. (13)

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Table of Contents

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