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Hitachi WJ200-004M Quick Reference Manual page 2

Wj200 series
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UL® Cautions, Warnings and Instructions
Warnings and Cautions for Troubleshooting and Maintenance
The warnings and instructions in this section summarize the procedures necessary to ensure an
inverter installation complies with Underwriters Laboratories
WARNING: Use 60/75°C Cu wire only.
WARNING: Suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering not more than 100,000 rms
Symmetrical Amperes, 120V maximum.
WARNING: When protected by J class Fuses, or when Protected by Type E
Having An Interrupting Rating Not Less Than 100,000 rms Symmetrical Amperes, 120
Volts Maximum.
WARNING: Install device in pollution degree 2 environment.
WARNING: Maximum Surrounding Air Temperature 45°C (004M),50°C(007M).
WARNING: Solid state motor overload protection is provided in each model
WARNING: Integral solid state short circuit protection does not provide branch circuit protection.
Branch circuit protection must be provided in accordance with the National Electric Code and any
additional local codes
Combination Motor



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