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The Charger - Asus Zenfone Z01KD User Manual

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The charger

Your ASUS Phone is a high quality piece of
equipment. Before operating, read all instructions
and cautionary markings on the (1) AC Adapter.
E13419_ZE554KL_UM_Booklet_EU_V2.indd 24
it may overheat and cause a fire. Keep it away
from jewelry or metal objects.
Do not remove and dispose of the battery
in fire. It could explode and release harmful
substances into the environment.
Do not remove and dispose of the battery with
your regular household waste. Take it to a
hazardous material collection point.
Do not touch the battery terminals.
To avoid fire or burns, do not disassemble,
bend, crush, or puncture the battery.
Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an
incorrect type.
Dispose of used battery according to the
Use only the charger supplied with your ASUS
Never pull the charger cord to disconnect it
from the power socket. Pull the charger itself.
Do not use the ASUS Phone in an extreme
environment where high temperature or high
humidity exists. The ASUS Phone performs
optimally in an ambient temperature between 0
°C (32 °F) and 35 °C (95 °F).
Do not disassemble the ASUS Phone or its
accessories. If service or repair is required,
return the unit to an authorized service center.
If the unit is disassembled, a risk of electric
shock or fire may result.
2017-08-23 11:40:10

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