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Ecg Safety Information - Philips IntelliVue MX40 Instructions For Use Manual

Wearable patient monitor.
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ECG Safety Information

ECG and Arrhythmia Monitoring
Always confirm MX40 and Information Center observations with
clinical observation of the patient before administering interventions.
To avoid patient injury, assure that the patient cable is not positioned
where leads could become entangled around the patient, or cause
choking, strangulation, or inhibit circulation in extremities.
Every lead must be secured to an electrode on the patient. Conductive
parts of electrodes must not contact earth or other conductive parts.
EASI derived 12-lead ECGs and their measurements are
approximations to conventional 12-lead ECGs. As the 12-lead ECG
derived with EASI is not exactly identical to the 12-lead conventional
ECG obtained from an electrocardiograph, it should not be used for
diagnostic interpretations.
EASI lead placement is supported for adult patients only.
Ensure that the patient cable is properly connected to the MX40.
Do not mix and match electrodes of different types. In particular, do not
use electrodes of dissimilar metals. This helps ensure optimal signal
Non-manufacturer supplied accessories and supplies can corrupt the
performance of the equipment. Use only AAMI EC-12 compliant
electrodes with this device. Use of electrodes that are non-compliant
may provide erroneous results.
During complete heart block or pacemaker failure (to pace or capture),
tall P-waves (greater than 1/5 of the average R-wave height) can be
erroneously counted by the arrhythmia algorithm, resulting in missed
detection of cardiac arrest.
To protect the MX40 from damage during defibrillation, to ensure
accurate ECG information, and to provide protection against signal
noise and other interference, use only ECG electrodes and cables
specified by Philips.
Philips recommends that you change the lead label only to reflect the
physical placement of electrodes. This will ensure a match between the
monitored lead and the label, and prevent any possible confusion.


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