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Important Safety Precautions And Recommendations - Kenwood KH600B-IND Instructions For Use Manual

Touch control induction cooking hobs
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IMPORTANT: This appliance is designed and manufactured
solely for the cooking of domestic (household) food and is
not suitable for any non domestic application and therefore
should not be used in a commercial environment.
The appliance guarantee will be void if the appliance is used
within a non domestic environment i.e. a semi commercial,
commercial or communal environment.
Read the instructions carefully before installing and using
the appliance.
This appliance has been designed and manufactured in
compliance with the applicable standards for the household
cooking products and it fulfills all the safety requirements shown
in this manual, including those for surface temperatures .

Some people with sensitive skin may have a more pronounced
temperature perception with some components although these
parts are within the limits allowed by the norms .

The complete safety of the appliance also depends on the correct
use, we therefore recommend to always pay a extreme attention
while using the product, especially in the presence of children .
After having unpacked the appliance, check to ensure that it is
not damaged .
In case of doubt, do not use it and consult your supplier or a

professionally qualified technician.
Packing elements (i .e . plastic bags, polystyrene foam, nails,
packing straps, etc .) should not be left around within easy reach
of children, as these may cause serious injuries .
Some appliances are supplied with a protective film on steel and
aluminium parts . This film must be removed before using the
IMPORTANT: The use of suitable protective clothing/gloves is
recommended when handling or cleaning this appliance .

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