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Error Displays/messages - Sony CDX-GT980UI Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Radio reception
The stations cannot be received.
The sound is hampered by noises.
• The connection is not correct.
t Connect a power antenna (aerial) control lead
(blue) or accessory power supply lead (red) to the
power supply lead of a car's antenna (aerial)
booster (only when your car has built-in FM/AM
antenna (aerial) in the rear/side glass).
t Check the connection of the car antenna (aerial).
t If the auto antenna (aerial) will not go up, check
the connection of the power antenna (aerial)
control lead.
Preset tuning is not possible.
• Store the correct frequency in the memory.
• The broadcast signal is too weak.
Automatic tuning is not possible.
• Setting of the local seek mode is not correct.
t Tuning stops too frequently:
Set "Local on" (page 21).
t Tuning does not stop at a station:
Set "Local off" (page 21).
• The broadcast signal is too weak.
t Perform manual tuning.
During FM reception, the "ST" indication
• Tune in the frequency accurately.
• The broadcast signal is too weak.
t Set "Mono on" (page 21).
An FM program broadcast in stereo is heard in
The unit is in monaural reception mode.
t Set "Mono off" (page 21).
USB playback
You cannot play back items via a USB hub.
This unit cannot recognize USB devices via a USB
Cannot play back items.
A USB device does not work.
t Reconnect it.
The USB device takes longer to play back.
The USB device contains files with a complicated tree
A beep sounds.
During playback, the USB device has been
t Before disconnecting a USB device, make sure to
stop playback first for data protection.
The sound is intermittent.
The sound may be intermittent at a high-bit-rate of
more than 320 kbps.

Error displays/Messages

The unit is confirming the connection of a USB device.
t Wait until confirming the connection is finished.
iPod Communication Error
Due to incorrect connection, data did not transfer
successfully between the unit and iPod.
t Reconnect the iPod and select iPod.
• The disc is dirty or inserted upside down.*
t Clean or insert the disc correctly.
• A blank disc has been inserted.
• The disc cannot play due to a problem.
t Insert another disc.
• USB device was not automatically recognized.
t Reconnect it again.
• Press Z to remove the disc.
Failure (Illuminates until any button is pressed.)
The connection of speakers/amplifiers is incorrect.
t See the installation guide manual of this model to
check the connection.
Hubs Not Supported
USB hub is not supported on this unit.
The CD changer is loading the disc.
t Wait until loading is complete.
Local Seek +/–
The local seek mode is on during automatic tuning.
NO Device
(SOURCE) is selected without a USB device
connected. A USB device or a USB cable has been
disconnected during playback.
t Be sure to connect a USB device and USB cable.
NO Disc
The disc is not inserted in the CD changer.
t Insert discs in the CD changer.
NO Magazine
The disc magazine is not inserted in the CD changer.
t Insert the disc magazine in the CD changer.
NO Music
The disc or USB device does not contain a music file.
t Insert a music CD in this unit or an MP3 playable
CD changer.
t Connect a USB device with a music file in it.
NO Track
The selected item in the USB device does not contain
an album/track.
Not Supported
The connected USB device is not supported.
t For details on the compatibility of your USB
device, visit the support site.
There may be an internal malfunction.
t Check the connection. If the error indication
remains on in the display, consult your nearest
Sony dealer.



Table of Contents

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