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Brand Search; Code Identification Feature - Black & Decker FreeWire FWMR Owner's Manual

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Code Entry, cont.
Brand Search Table
Look up your brand in the appropriate column (TV, VCR,
etc.). Look to see what digit (1, 2, 3, etc.) applies to your
brand, and enter it in step 4 of "Code Search by Brand"
on the previous page.
Code Identification

Code Identification Feature

The Code Identification Feature allows you to identify
the three digit library code stored under your device key.
For example, if you want to find out what three digit
code is stored under your TV device key, follow the six
steps below:
1. Press and quickly release the desired mode button
, etc.).
2. Press and hold the
buttons blink green, then the button you pressed in
step 1 stays on, then release the
3. Press and release the
indicator blinks off.
4. To find the first digit for the code stored under the
mode key pressed in step 2, press each numeric key
from 0-9 in turn. When the green indicator blinks off
the number you pressed is the first digit for the code
you are searching for.
5. To find the second digit, repeat step 4, this time
when the green indicator blinks off this is the
second digit.
6. Repeat step 4 again to find the third digit.
1, 3.
4, 5, 6.
button until the Mode
button. The green



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