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Set-up Adjustments; Preparations (1) - Sony PVM-20M2U Service Manual

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Service Mode
This set is provided with a switch for service on the front panel that
used to make various adjustments. The operation method of
this switch is explained in detail below.
1. Entering the service mode
Simultaneously press the [EN1ER] key and the [DEGAUSS] key
shown on the display of the menu.
2. Service mode display
Range of Service Mode Display
(1) The service items are largely classified into 16 types displayed
by titles.
(2) The names of the service items or READ/WRITE guidance, etc.,
are displayed. The names are displayed to the left and the guid-
ance to the right.
(3) This is the serial number for each of the service items. 1-120.
(4) This is the adjustment data for the service items that are now
stored in the RAM. Adjustments can be made by changing these
values, but as long as nothing is written to the ROM the adjust-
ment values will be erased by turning off the power or by read-
ing, so please be careful.
(5) When the adjustment data that is now displayed is identical with
the data in the ROM, the cursor (..,.) is displayed.
(6) The present status is displayed.
[*]:Writing to the ROM. Make sure not to tum off the power
while this display is on.
[?]: ROM reading error. In this case, an image is output with the
standard adjustment data that the microcomputer itself possesses.
[i,]: Problem in the 12C bus.
3. Finishing the service mode
Simultaneously press the [EN1ER] key and the [DEGAUSS] key
shown on the display of the menu.
4. Easy ON/OFF of the service mode
If once entering the service mode after having turned on the power,
easy ON/OFF is possible by once more pressing the A, B or C
switch on the front panel (the LED lights) as long as the power is
not turned off or as long as the service mode is not finished.
5. Change of position of the service mode display
If the switch is continuously pressed when turning on in the above
easy mode, the display position moves in the V direction. This
method is used when the display is outside of the effective screen
6. Change of service items
The items are returned with the [MENU] key and forwarded with
the [ENTER] key. When a key is continuously pressed, the op-
be repeated.
7. Change of service data
The service data is made larger with the [ t ] key and smaller with
the [!] key. When continuously pressing the keys, the operation
will be repeated.
8. Reading of service data
When reading data from the ROM to the RAM, press the [B I 0]
key once and check than the READ display is shown in the guid-
ance, and then press the [B/0] key once again. The adjustment
data that is written will return to its previous state, so please be
9. Writing of service data
When writing data from the RAM to the ROM, press the [DE-
GAUSS] key once and check that the WRITE display shown in
the guidance, and then press the [DEGAUSS] key once again.
Not only the displayed data will be written, but all data, so please
be careful.
10. Carrying out FACTORY RESETTING
In case the adjustment data has been destroyed for some reason,
and you keep pressing the [B/0] key at the beginning of the above
reading, the READ guidance will change to FACTORY RESET
guidance in approximately 3 seconds so that the factory reset-
ting can be carried out. By once again pressing the [B/0] k::ey
after this, resetting will be carried out ([*] will be displayed as
status) and factory resetting will
executed. However, in case
the data available at the time of shipment from the factory !las
been destroyed, or if the ROM has been replaced, etc., or if fac-
tory setting mentioned later on has been carried out, factory re-
setting is executed.
11. Carrying out FACTORY SETTING
Make sure to make possible the above factory resetting by milk-
ing a copy of the adjustment data when replacing the ROM. If
you keep pressing the [DEGAUSS] key at the beginning oftbe
above writing, the WRITE guidance will change into FACTORY
RESET guidance after approximately 3 seconds. By once
pressing the [DEGAUSS] key after this, setting will be canied
out([*] will be displayed as status) and the data will be copied.
By carrying out this operation, the selection items of the menu
and the adjustment values will
reset to the standard condi-
tions, so please be careful. If this operation is carried out once. it
cannot be carried out again, but the FACTORY SET FLAG (ll o.
120) in the service mode can be set to I.


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