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Connections When Using The Speaker Input Wire; Connecting The Power Terminal - Pioneer GM-A5702 Owner's Manual

Bridgeable two-channel power amplifer
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Table of Contents
Connecting the units
Connections when using
the speaker input wire
Connect the car stereo speaker output wires
to the amplifier using the supplied speaker
input wire.
! Do not connect both the RCA input and the
speaker input at the same time.
1 Car Stereo
2 Speaker output
3 White/black: Left *
4 White: Left +
5 Gray/black: Right *
6 Gray: Right +
7 Speaker input connector
To speaker input terminal of this unit.
If speaker input wires from a headunit are con-
nected to this amplifier, the amplifier will automa-
tically turn on when the headunit is turned on.
When the headunit is turned off, the amplifier
turns off automatically. This function may not
work with some headunits. In such cases, make
sure that the Left channel is connected correctly.
If the function still does not work, please use a
system remote control wire (sold separately). If
multiple amplifiers are to be connected together
synchronously, connect the head unit and all am-
plifiers via the system remote control wire.
Connecting the power
The use of a special red battery and ground
wire RD-223 (sold separately) is recom-
mended. Connect the battery wire directly to
the car battery positive terminal + and the
ground wire to the car body.
If the battery wire is not securely fixed to the term-
inal using the terminal screws, there is a risk of
overheating, malfunction and injury, including
minor burns.
Route battery wire from engine com-
partment to the vehicle interior.
! When drilling a cable pass-hole into the ve-
hicle body and routing a battery wire thor-
ough it, take care not to short-circuit the
wire damaging it by the cut edges or burrs
of the hole.
After completing all other amplifier connec-
tions, finally connect the battery wire terminal
of the amplifier to the positive + battery term-
1 Positive + terminal
2 Engine compartment
3 Vehicle interior
4 Fuse (30 A) × 2
5 Insert the O-ring rubber grommet into the
vehicle body.
6 Drill a 14 mm hole into the vehicle body.

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Table of Contents

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