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3.3 Terminal strips

Terminal strips
Terminal strips with wiring example
The following applies to systems compliant with UL: Maximum current, 3 A 30 VDC or 2 A 250 VAC
All terminals labelled with reference potential "GND" are connected internally in the inverter.
Reference potential "DI COM" is electrically isolated from "GND". The Control Unit is delivered with a
jumper between terminals 28 and 69.
→ If, as shown above, you wish to use the 24-V supply from terminal 9 as supply for the digital inputs,
then it is mandatory that this jumper is used.
Terminals 31, 32 When an optional 24 V power supply is connected at terminals 31, 32, even when the Power Module is
disconnected from the line supply, the Control Unit remains in operation. The Control Unit thus maintains
fieldbus communication, for example.
→ At terminals 31, 32, only connect a power supply that is in accordance with SELV (Safety Extra Low
Voltage) or PELV (Protective Extra Low Voltage).
→ If you also wish to use the power supply at terminals 31, 32 for the digital inputs, then you must con-
nect "DI COM" and "GND IN" with one another.
Terminals 3, 4
You may use the internal 10 V power supply or an external power supply for the analog inputs.
and 10, 11:
→ When you use the internal 10 V power supply, you must connect AI 0 or AI 1 with "GND".
Image 3-1
Wiring the digital inputs with p-switching contacts and an internal 24 V power supply (terminal 9)
Compact Operating Instructions, 01/2016, A5E37058917B AA
CU230P-2 Control Units


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