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Chapter 8 Functions; Error Notification Function - Mitsubishi Electric NZ2GF12A4-16D User Manual

Cc-link ie field network waterproof/dustproof remote i/o module.
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This chapter describes the details of the functions available in the I/O module, and the setting procedures for those functions.
For details on remote I/O signals, remote registers, and remote buffer memory, refer to the following.
Page 143 Details of Remote I/O Signals
Page 144 Details of Remote Registers
Page 154 Details of Remote Buffer Memory Addresses

Error Notification Function

When an error or warning occurs, the I/O module notifies the master station of it using remote registers.
The notification of the error or warning can be checked on the LED on the front of the module.
For details, refer to the following.
Page 17 LEDs on an I/O module
Notification of an error
The I/O module notifies the master station of an error in the following method.
Error status flag (RWr0.b10)
Error clear request flag (RWw0.b10)
Error code (RWr1)
Depending on the major error status such as a hardware failure of the module, Error status flag (RWr0.b10)
may not be turned on, or an error code may not be stored in Error code (RWr1). When the above error occurs,
check the error occurrence with the LED indication on the front of the module, and please consult your local
Mitsubishi representative.
■Method for clearing an error
The method for clearing an error depends on the error type.
Error type
Major error
Moderate error
Turns on when a moderate error or major error occurs.
Some errors can be cleared by turning on and off Error clear request flag
An error code is stored when a moderate error or major error occurs.
Clearing an error
The error cannot be cleared.
Turn on Error clear request flag (RWw0.b10) or Operation condition setting request flag (RWw0.b9) after
removing the error cause.
Page 147 Error status flag
Page 152 Error clear request
flag (RWw0.b10)
Page 148 Error code
8.1 Error Notification Function


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