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Switching The Power Function On And Off - AEG HC451500EB User Manual

Induction wok
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The heat setting
Touch the control bar at the heat setting. Change
to the left or the right, if it is necessary. Do not
release before you have a correct heat setting. The
display shows the heat setting.

Switching the Power function on and off

The Power function makes more power available to the induction cooking zones. The Power
function is activated for 5 minutes at most. After that the induction cooking zone automat-
ically switches back to heat setting 14. To switch on, touch
touch a heat setting
You can select the timer function with
The Count Down Timer
Use the Count Down Timer to set how long the cooking zone operates for only this one
time. It deaktivates the cooking zone automatically after the time you set.
The selection of Count Down Timer function is possible when the cooking zone is activated
and the heat setting is set.
When this function is activated,
• To activate of the Count Down Timer: touch
minutes). When the indicator of the cooking zone starts to flash slow, the time counts
• To see the remaining time: touch
shows the remaining time.
• To change the Count Down Timer:touch
then touch
• To deactivate the Count Down Timer: touch
then touch
When the timer countdown comes to an end, the sound operates and
cooking zone deactivates.
• To deactivate the sound: touch
The Count Up Timer
Use the Count Up Timer to monitor how long the cooking zone operates.
• When this function is activated,
• To activate the Count Up Timer:
The symbol
DeluxeAppliances -
comes on.
. The remaining time counts back to
goes out and
comes on.
of the timer to set the time (
again and again, until
again and again, until
again and again, until
comes on.
Operating instructions
comes on. To switch off,
comes on. The display
comes on and
comes on and
flashes. The



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