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Pioneer Super Tuner III D AVH-P6850DVD Operation Manual: Setting The Aspect Ratio; Setting The Parental Lock

Pioneer av receiver/6-disc changer operation manual.
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DVD Setup

Setting the aspect ratio

There are two kinds of display. A wide screen
display has a width-to-height ratio (TV aspect)
of 16:9, while a regular display has a TV aspect
of 4:3. Be sure to select the correct TV aspect
for the display connected to VIDEO OUTPUT.
! When using a regular display, select either
LETTER BOX or PANSCAN. Selecting 16 : 9
may result in an unnatural picture.
! If you select the TV aspect, the unit's dis-
play changes to the same setting.
Touch TV ASPECT on the DVD visual
Touch any of the following touch panel
keys to select the TV aspect.
! 16 : 9 – Wide screen picture (16:9) is dis-
played as it is (initial setting)
! LETTER BOX – The picture is the shape of a
letterbox with black bands at the top and
bottom of the screen
! PANSCAN – The picture is cut short at the
right and left of the screen
! When playing discs that do not specify
PANSCAN, playback is with LETTER BOX even
if you select PANSCAN setting. Confirm
whether the disc package bears the
mark. (See page 11.)
! Some discs do not enable changing of the TV
aspect. For details, refer to the disc's in-

Setting the parental lock

Some DVD video discs let you use parental
lock to restrict children from viewing violent
and adult-oriented scenes. You can set the par-
ental lock to your desired level.
! When you set a parental lock level and then
play a disc featuring parental lock, code
number input indications may be dis-
played. In this case, playback will begin
when the correct code number is input.
Setting the code number and level
You need to have registered a code number for
playing back discs with parantal lock.
Touch PARENTAL on the DVD visual
Touch 0—9 to input a four digit code
# To cancel the inputted numbers, touch C.
While the inputted number is dis-
played, touch ENTER.
The code number is set, and you can now set
the level.
Touch any of 1—8 to select the desired
The parental lock level is set.
! LEVEL 8 – Playback of the entire disc is pos-
sible (initial setting)
! LEVEL 7 to LEVEL 2 – Playback of discs for
children and non-adult-oriented discs is
16 : 9 LB
! LEVEL 1 – Playback of discs for children
only is possible
! We recommend to keep a record of your code
number in case you forget it.
! The parental lock level is recorded on the disc.
Look for the level indication written at the disc
package, included literature or on the disc it-
self. Parental lock of this unit is not possible if
a parental lock level is not recorded in the
Black plate (92,1)


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