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Installing The Outdoor Temperature Sensor (Option); Starting Up And Component Control Of The Room Thermostat Cm737; Configure The Room Thermostat After Installation - Honeywell CM737 User Instruction

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Installing the outdoor temperature sensor (option)

Connect the outdoor temperature sensor to the terminal strip in accordance with the electrical diagram, remove
any resistor.
If the outdoor temperature sensor is connected at a later time, for example in a construction period, the current
must be disconnected for a few minutes.
Set parameter 14 according to requested compensation; see

Starting up and component control of the room thermostat CM737

Note: The substation must be filled with water before starting the room thermostat, if not the pump can be
The room thermostat, CM737, controls the supply temperature to the heating system. When connecting the unit
to the power supply, the CM737 verifies the connected sensors and then automatically chooses to control by
room or outdoor temperature sensor.
1. Put the electrical cable from the control panel into a wall outlet.
2. Check the actuator and pump function. In start-up mode, the components manoeuvres by the following
10s actuator closes
10s actuator opens
10s actuator closes
10s pump runs
150s actuator closes
After approximately another 4 minutes CM737 changes from start up to normal regulation.
3. Press the MAN (8) button for a fixed set point (no reduction) of the room temperature.
4. Adjust the room temperature with the increase/decrease buttons on the right (6).
By outdoor temperature compensation this change represents a standard parallel shift of the heat curve,
recalculated for room temperature.

Configure the room thermostat after installation

CM737 can be configured in three different ways. All installation parameters can be found in the parameter list
under category 1, see
3.2 Category 1 parameters: Room Thermostat
Set parameter 14, under category 1, according to requested compensation.
Outdoor compensation, require a connected outdoor temperature sensor:
Set parameter 14 to 1
Room compensation: Set parameter 14 to 0.
Outdoor and room compensation, require a connected outdoor temperature sensor:
Set parameter 14 to 2.
1.4 Configure the room thermostat after
User instruction



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