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Disabling/Enabling Time Periods; Adjusting The Time; Holiday Function - Honeywell CM737 User Instruction

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Disabling/Enabling Time Periods

The room thermostat has four periods each day that can be programmed, but you may not need these entire
switch points for your heating requirements. Therefore, any period from 2 to 4 can be removed from (or
returned to) the heating program profile.
To disable or enable time periods:
1. To disable unwanted periods go to the desired period (2 to 4) using the PROGRAM
to navigate, ensure the correct period is highlighted with the flashing square symbol.
Press and hold the
removed from the program.
2. To enable periods again follow the same procedure as above, navigating to the already disabled
period. To enable this period again press and hold the

Adjusting the Time

To adjust the time during normal operation use the
confirm any changes.

Holiday Function

The holiday function allows you to set a constant temperature (default = 10°C) for a specified number of days
(from 1 - 99 days). This saves energy and related costs when the house is empty, but resumes normal
operation on the day of return.
1. Ensure the CM737 is running in AUTO or MAN operating modes.
2. Press the holiday
the holiday indicator
3. Press the
button to confirm.
4. Press the
button to confirm.
The CM737 will now control to the new temperature for the set number of days that the home is vacant. At
midnight the holiday counter will be reduced by one until the selected number of days have passed. The
CM737 will then re-turn to normal operation as set by the MAN or AUTO mode. To cancel the HOLIDAY
function or to exit the function at any time: press the
button for at least 2 seconds and the display will indicate the period has been
button to display the holiday day's counter and temperature setting, along with
time buttons to set the holiday time (1-99 days) and press the green
buttons to set the holiday temperature (5°C - 35°C) and press the green
button for at least 2 seconds.
buttons .Press the green
button a second time.
User instruction
button to



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