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Reviewing The Heating Program; Modifying The Heating Program - Honeywell CM737 User Instruction

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Table of Contents
User instruction

Reviewing the Heating Program

To review or edit the heating program use the PROGRAM
individual programming periods for that day
Use the DAY button to step through each day of the week, so the complete 7 day heating program can be
reviewed or edited.

Modifying the Heating Program

To change the heating program:
1. Press either of the PROGRAM
programming mode.
The time /temperature settings for period
be flashing. The active period is highlighted by a flashing square
around the numbers at the bottom of the screen and the selected
day is shown with the day indicator.
2. To adjust the period start time use the
confirm the change. Holding the but-ton down will change the time quickly.
Note: If you are pressing the
next period will be pushed forward.
3. Once the required time is reached press the green
Note: If the original time setting did not require adjustment press the green
step 'd'.
4. The temperature setting for period
buttons and confirm the setting again by pressing the green
5. The next time and temperature period will now be active. Adjust this by repeating steps b - d above
until all four periods are set for Monday or press the AUTO button to run the program as set, at any
Chose how to set the program for the next day:
6. Press the COPY DAY button to copy Mon-day's program into Tuesday. The display will go blank apart
from the 'non flashing' day indicator, which indicates the day copied and the 'flashing' target day to
copy the program to. To accept this day press the green
press the DAY button until the 'flashing' day indicator is under the required day, and then accept it by
pressing the green
Note: Once the target day is confirmed it becomes the day that is copied if the COPY DAY button is
pressed again.
Press the DAY button to move the day indicator to Tuesday (Day 2). The program for that day can then
be adjusted by following steps b to e. Programs for the remaining days can be set in the same way,
using the DAY button to move to the next day.
To exit the programming mode select the de-sired operating mode by pressing the AUTO, MAN or
OFF buttons.
Note: To run the adjusted program; select the AUTO mode.
buttons to enter the
on Monday day 1 will
buttons and the display flashes the next period, it means the
on Monday (Day 1) will now be flashing. To adjust this press the
buttons to navigate between the four
buttons, the 'OK?' indicator will be displayed to
button to confirm.
button. To select a different target day
button to move to

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents