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Troubleshooting - Acer AS4810TG-354G50Mn LX.PE10X.047 Service Manual

Aspire 4810t; aspire 4810tz; aspire 4410t; aspire 4810tg series
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Use the following procedure as a guide for computer problems.
NOTE: The diagnostic tests are intended to test only Acer products. Non-Acer products, prototype cards, or
modified options can give false errors and invalid system responses.
Obtain the failing symptoms in as much detail as possible.
Verify the symptoms by attempting to re-create the failure by running the diagnostic test or by repeating
the same operation.
Use the following table with the verified symptom to determine which page to go to.
Power failure. (The power indicator does
not go on or stay on.)
POST does not complete. No beep or error
codes are indicated.
POST detects an error and displayed
messages on screen.
Other symptoms (i.e. LCD display problems
or others).
Symptoms cannot be re-created
(intermittent problems).
Chapter 4
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Symptoms (Verified)
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See "Power System Check" on page 81..
See "Post Code Table" on page 84.
"Undetermined Problems" on page 92
See "Post Code Table" on page 84.
See "Post Code Table" on page 84.
Use the customer-reported symptoms and
go to "Post Code Table" on page 84.
See "Intermittent Problems" on page 91.
See "Undetermined Problems" on page 92.
Chapter 4


Table of Contents

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