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Honeywell KAP 140 Installation Manual Page 25

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2. Airplane - ESTABLISH desired vertical speed to intercept the selected altitude.
3. Upon altitude capture, ALT ARM will extinguish and ALT will be annunciated.
Note: Altitude preselect captures are not recommended on non-precision approaches to
capture the MDA. Glideslope coupling will preclude an altitude capture on an ILS.
4. Press ARM again to cancel the capture of the preselected altitude.
FSim Technical Reference
Standard captured Events:
- AP button = AP_MASTER (default B key- Hold for engage)
- HDG button = AP_HDG_HOLD (default Ctrl-H keys)
- NAV button = AP_NAV1_HOLD (default Ctrl-N keys)
- APR button = AP_APR_HOLD (default Ctrl-A keys)
- REV button = AP_BC_HOLD (default Ctrl-B keys)
LVar names to be used with FSUIPC Lua scripts:
- AP button
= (L:KAP140_LuaAPM_KeyDown, bool)
- HDG button
= (L:KAP140_LuaHDG_KeyDown, bool)
- NAV button
= (L:KAP140_LuaNAV_KeyDown, bool)
- APR button
= (L:KAP140_LuaAPR_KeyDown, bool)
- REV button
= (L:KAP140_LuaREV_KeyDown, bool)
- ALT button
= (L:KAP140_LuaALT_KeyDown, bool)
- DOWN button = (L:KAP140_LuaDOWN_KeyDown, bool)
- UP button
= (L:KAP140_LuaUP_KeyDown, bool)
- ARM button
= (L:KAP140_LuaARM_KeyDown, bool)
- BARO button
= (L:KAP140_LuaBARO_KeyDown, bool)
-DEC1000 knob = (L:KAP140_LuaDEC1000_KeyDown, bool) (L:KAP140_LuaDEC1000_KeyUp,bool)
-INC1000 knob = (L:KAP140_LuaINC1000_KeyDown, bool) (L:KAP140_LuaINC1000_KeyUp,bool)
-DEC100 knob
= (L:KAP140_LuaDEC100_KeyDown, bool) (L:KAP140_LuaDEC100_KeyUp,bool)
-INC100 knob
= (L:KAP140_LuaINC100_KeyDown, bool) (L:KAP140_LuaINC100_KeyUp,bool)
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