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Motorola XPLORE 500 User Manual: Safety Instructions

Satellite navigation system with free map updates.
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1. Safety Instructions

This product is compliant with all relevant electromagnetic field standards and
is, when handled as described in the User's Guide, safe to use. Therefore,
always read the instructions in this User's Guide carefully before using the
device. If you experience any problems, please go through the user guide
before contacting the customer helpline.
The Global Positioning System
• The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite based system that provides
location and timing information around the globe. The GPS is operated and
controlled under the sole responsibility of the Government of the United
States of America, who are responsible for its availability and accuracy. Any
changes in GPS availability and accuracy, or in environmental conditions,
may impact the operation of your GPS Device.
Using Your Sat Nav in the Car
• When using your Sat Nav while driving it is essential that you drive with due
care and attention. Never modify the settings or program your Sat Nav while
driving. Only look at the map when it is safe to do so. When mounting the Sat
Nav in your car make sure that it does not obscure your view or impede the
operation of any driving controls.
Prohibited Areas
• Do not operate your Sat Nav in hospitals or near any electrical medical
• Do not operate your Sat Nav in aircraft.
• Do not operate while on a petrol station forecourt.
• Your Sat Nav device uses a Li-polymer battery. Do not use it in humid, wet or
corrosive environments.
• Do not operate or store your Sat Nav in high temperatures (>60°) or in direct
sun light.
• Do not pierce or break the battery casing. Failure to follow these cautions will
invalidate the warranty and may cause the battery to leak acid, become hot,
explode or ignite and cause injury or damage. If you come into contact with
leaked battery acid wash the contact area thoroughly and seek medical
• The Li-polymer battery contained in this unit must be recycled or disposed of
properly. Do not dispose of in household waste or burn.
Safety Instructions


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