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HP Mini User Manual: Connecting To A Wireless Network; Using Wireless Devices; Identifying Wireless And Network Icons

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Connecting to a wireless network

Using wireless devices

Wireless technology transfers data across radio waves instead of wires. Your computer may be
equipped with one or more of the following wireless devices:
Wireless local area network (WLAN) device—Connects the computer to wireless local area
networks (commonly referred to as Wi-Fi networks, wireless LANs, or WLANs) in corporate
offices, your home, and public places such as airports, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and
universities. In a WLAN, each mobile wireless device communicates with a wireless router or a
wireless access point.
HP Mobile Broadband Module (select models only)—A wireless wide area network (WWAN)
device that provides access to information wherever mobile network operator service is
available. In a WWAN, each mobile device communicates to a mobile network operator's base
station. Mobile network operators install networks of base stations (similar to cell phone towers)
throughout large geographic areas, effectively providing coverage across entire states, regions,
or even countries.
Bluetooth® device—Creates a personal area network (PAN) to connect to other Bluetooth-
enabled devices such as computers, phones, printers, headsets, speakers, and cameras. In a
PAN, each device communicates directly with other devices, and devices must be relatively
close together— typically within 10 meters (approximately 33 feet) of each other.
The computer supports the following IEEE industry standards:
802.11b, the first popular standard, supports data rates of up to 11 Mbps and operates at a
frequency of 2.4 GHz.
802.11g supports data rates of up to 54 Mbps and operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. An
802.11g WLAN device is backward compatible with 802.11b devices, so they can operate on the
same network.
For more information on wireless technology, refer to the information and Web site links provided in
Help and Support.

Identifying wireless and network icons

Chapter 5 Internet
Wireless (connected)
Identifies the location of the wireless lights and the wireless buttons
on the computer. Also identifies the Wireless Assistant software on
the computer and indicates that one or more of the wireless devices
are on.
Identifies the Wireless Assistant software on the computer and
indicates that all of the wireless devices are off.
HP Connection
Opens HP Connection Manager, which enables you to create a
connection with an HP Mobile Broadband device (select models
Network (connected)
Indicates that one or more of your network drivers are installed, one
or more network devices are connected to a wireless network, and
one or more network devices may be connected to a wired network.


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