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Daily Use - Electrolux HK764070FB User Manual

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Refer to Safety chapters.
4.1 Activating and
for 1 second to activate or
deactivate the hob.
4.2 Automatic Switch Off
The function deactivates the hob
automatically if:
• all cooking zones are deactivated,
• you do not set the heat setting after
you activate the hob,
• you spill something or put something
on the control panel for more than 10
seconds (a pan, a cloth, etc.). An
acoustic signal sounds and the hob
deactivates. Remove the object or
clean the control panel.
• you do not deactivate a cooking zone
or change the heat setting. After
some time
The relation between the heat setting
and the time after which the hob
Heat setting
, 1 - 3
4 - 7
8 - 9
10 - 14
4.3 The heat setting
To set or change the heat setting:
Touch the control bar at the correct heat
setting or move your finger along the
control bar until you reach the correct
heat setting.
comes on and the hob
The hob deacti-
vates after
6 hours
5 hours
4 hours
1.5 hour
4.4 Activating and
deactivating the outer rings
You can adjust the surface you cook to
the dimension of the cookware.
Use sensor field:
To activate the outer ring: touch the
sensor field. The indicator comes on.
To activate more outer rings: touch the
same sensor field again. The subsequent
indicator comes on.
To deactivate the outer ring: touch the
sensor field until the indicator goes out.
When you activate the zone
but do not activate the outer
ring the light that comes out
from the zone may cover the
outer ring. It does not mean
that the outer ring is
activated. To see if the ring
is activated check the
4.5 Automatic Heat Up
Activate this function to get a desired
heat setting in a shorter time. When it is
on, the zone operates on the highest
setting in the beginning and then
continues to cook at the desired heating
To activate the function the
cooking zone must be cold.
To activate the function for a cooking
zone: touch
comes on).



Table of Contents