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HP A5830 series Configuration Manual: Configuring Bfd For The Vrrp Master To Monitor The Uplinks

High availability.
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BFD session:
Packet type: Echo
Remote IP
Local IP
The output shows that when the status of the track entry becomes Positive, Switch A is the master, and
Switch B the backup.
# Enable VRRP state debugging and BFD event debugging on Switch B.
<SwitchB> terminal debugging
<SwitchB> terminal monitor
<SwitchB> debugging vrrp state
<SwitchB> debugging bfd event
# When Switch A fails, the following output is displayed on Switch B.
[Src:,Dst:,Vlan-interface2,Echo], instance:0, protocol:Track
*Dec 17 14:44:34:144 2008 SwitchB VRRP/7/DebugState: IPv4 Vlan-interface2 | Virtual
Router 1 : Backup --> Master
# Display the detailed information of the VRRP group on Switch B.
<SwitchB> display vrrp verbose
IPv4 Standby Information:
Run Mode
Run Method
Total number of virtual routers : 1
Interface Vlan-interface2
Admin Status
Config Pri
Preempt Mode
Auth Type
Virtual IP
Virtual MAC
Master IP
VRRP Track Information:
Track Object
The output shows that when BFD detects that Switch A fails, it notifies VRRP through the track module to
change the status of Switch B to master without waiting for a period three times the advertisement
interval, so that a backup can quickly preempt as the master.

Configuring BFD for the VRRP master to monitor the uplinks

Network requirements
As shown in
The default gateway of the hosts in the LAN is
When Switch A works normally, the hosts in the LAN access the external network through Switch A.
When Switch A detects that the uplink is down through BFD, it decreases its priority so that Switch
: Vlan-interface2
reason: The status of the tracked object changed
: Standard
: Virtual MAC
: 1
: Up
: 100
: Yes
: None
: 0000-5e00-0101
: 1
47, Switch A and Switch B belong to VRRP group 1, whose virtual IP address is
Adver Timer
: 1
: Master
Running Pri
: 100
Delay Time
: 0
State : Negative



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