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The top part of the window contains the patient data, with the assigned caregiver and the status of the
connection to the Information Center, and the bed label. In the lower part of the window, all
equipment for this patient is shown, with the corresponding assignments and connections.
The device you are currently viewing the window on is shown with a dark background (in the above
example, the monitor with the label wm8).
Changing Caregiver Assignment
When a caregiver is assigned, the caregiver name may appear next to the caregiver symbol in the
when you select this area of the window, a menu opens offering the following functions:
Select Caregiver
the patient will be automatically added to that caregiver's Care Group. The availability of the
function and the caregiver list depends on the Information Center configuration.
My Patients
Using the Patient Area
The patient name, patient category and paced status are normally shown in the
When a patient has been prepared for transfer, the transfer symbol will be shown:
When you select this area in the
Changing the Location
If the monitor is currently assigned to a bed, but the patient is in another department for treatment or
a diagnostic procedure, you can show a temporary location for the patient.
Select the Information Center area on the
Select the current location from the list.
Or alternatively use the
The temporary location is then shown in the
monitor, and in the sector at the Information Center. When the patient returns, you can set the
location back to the bed number in the same way as described above.
When Multiple Equipment is Used for One Patient
It is possible to assign additional monitoring equipment and a telemetry device to the same patient,
resulting in the information from multiple devices being combined in one sector at the Information
Center. The measurement data from the other devices will be displayed on the monitor screen in the
own patient overview window.
window (depending on your network connection). Whether the name is shown or not,
- you can select a different caregiver from a list. When a new caregiver is assigned,
- opens the
My Patients
window, the
function (see "Transferring Patients" on page 91) and the
Select Location
5 Managing Patients and Equipment
window showing all patients in your Care Group.
window, a menu opens giving access to the
pop-up key.
window, on the Standby screen on the
End Case


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