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Managing Equipment - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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Patient Mismatch - If Neither Patient Data Set is Correct
A patient mismatch where neither set of patient data is correct might occur if you connect a new MMS
to a monitor in order to prepare for a new patient, before you actually start measuring.
New Patient
and MMS for a new patient, erases all data in both the monitor and MMS, resets all settings to the
default Profile, and lets you admit a new patient.

Managing Equipment

Multiple pieces of monitoring equipment can be used for a patient. The association between a patient
and a device can be made by:
identifying the patient at the device (by entering patient data or using
"adding" equipment for an existing patient
The association between a patient and a device can be ended by:
discharging the patient, or selecting
"removing" the device from the patient.
transferring the patient without the device.
admitting a new patient to the device.
automatic freeing of the device.
In all cases listed above, when equipment is freed, all patient identification and measurement data are
deleted, all settings are reset to the defaults, and monitoring at the Information Center (if active) is
stopped. Any associated devices, e.g. multi measurement modules connected to a monitor, or cableless
measurement devices assigned to a monitor, may also be freed, depending on the configuration.
Adding Equipment (PIIC iX)
By selecting the
patient) and select a device for use with this patient. If you add another monitor, you need to confirm
this at the selected monitor.
For information on combining equipment when connected to a PIIC, see "Using a Telemetry Device
and a Monitor" on page 215.
Removing Equipment
The association between a monitor and the patient can be ended by selecting
PIIC iX, the
Other equipment such as telemetry devices or IntelliVue Cableless Measurements can be removed by
selecting the device then selecting
if you are sure that none of the information is correct. This uses the bed, monitor
Add Equipm.
key you can display a list of all free equipment (not currently assigned to a
key is not available when the monitor is locked to a bed.
Remove Monitor
5 Managing Patients and Equipment
End Case
in the menu displayed.
to get patient
Find Patient
Remove Monitor
. With


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