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5 Managing Patients and Equipment
Depending on your configuration, monitoring for a patient may end automatically when the monitor
has been powered off or in standby mode for a set time, or when no basic measurements have been
made for a set time.
Always end monitoring for the previous patient (with
New Patient
admitted. Failure to do so can lead to data being attributed to the wrong patient.
Discharging a Patient
The discharge function is only available when the patient is monitored centrally at an Information
Center. A discharge transfers the patient out of the bed and frees all devices used for the patient. The
discharge function may be disabled at a monitor designated as a transport monitor, to ensure that a
patient cannot be accidentally discharged from the system when the transport monitor is used for
another patient.
A discharge:
clears the patient demographics
erases all patient measurement data (such as trend, event, and calculation data) from the
monitor, measurement modules and Information Center. This ensures that data from a
previous patient are not mixed with data from a new patient.
resets patient category and paced settings to the settings defined in the default Profile
resets all monitor and measurement settings as well as the active Screen to the settings defined
in the default Profile
discharges the patient from the Information Center.
Make sure that you have printed out any required reports before discharging. Check that a functioning
local or central printer is available before you use
To Discharge a Patient
Select the patient name field or select the
Select the pop-up key for either:
End Case
patient and clear the patient database, then enter standby mode. If an
configured for your monitor, you can also select this instead and then confirm.
To see which end case reports are set up for your monitor, select
Auto Reports
when you select
setting up end case reports.
Dischrge Patient
) before starting monitoring for a new patient, even if your previous patient was not
window and associated pop-up keys.
- to print any configured end case reports or vital signs recording, discharge the
. For each auto report, if
End Case
. See "Setting Up Auto Reports" on page 237 for information on
- to discharge the patient without printing any reports.
Dischrge Patient
Remove Monitor
End Case
Patient Demogr.
SmartKey to open the
is set to
End Case Report
End Case
SmartKey is
End Case
Main Setup
, then
, this report will be printed


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