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Technical Alarm Messages (inops) - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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4 Patient Alarms and INOPs

Technical Alarm Messages (INOPs)

If an INOP interrupts monitoring and alarm detection, the measurement numeric will be replaced
. If an INOP may lead to unreliable measurement values, a
The measurement labels and abbreviations for pressure, temperature and SpO
explained in the individual measurement chapters.
Monitor INOPs
INOP Message, Indication
INOP tone
Central: Tele Only
INOP tone
Check Alarm Lamps
INOP tone
Check DrugSettings
INOP tone
!!Check ECG Source
Yellow tone
!! Check Equipment
INOP tone/Yellow tone
Check Flex Texts
INOP tone
Check Keyboard
INOP tone
Check Main Board 2
INOP tone
Check Monitor Func
INOP tone
Check Monitor Temp
INOP tone
Check Mouse
INOP tone
Check MSL Voltage
INOP tone
Check Network Conf
INOP tone
!! Check Pairing
Yellow tone
!!Check Patient ID
Yellow tone
What to do
1) An MMS with an incompatible software revision is connected to the monitor. This combination
does not allow monitoring, OR
2) You cannot use this combination of monitor, MMS and cable. Switch off the monitor and contact
your service personnel.
System connectivity via telemetry device is limited (No alarms, only local numerics) when in
companion mode and host monitor does not have system connectivity. Only telemetry device
parameters can be displayed at central station.
Perform a visual check of the alarm lamp to establish whether there is a problem. Contact your service
personnel to check the internal connections to the alarm lamps.
There was a problem loading the drug settings. Check that the settings are complete and correct.
The telemetry device and the monitor both have valid ECG signals. Unpair the telemetry device and
the monitor if they are no longer used for the same patient.
There is an equipment status dispute relating to one or more of the devices assigned to this patient. See
window for details.
Check the names of the monitor menus, for example the labels for screens, profiles, event or trend
group names, before you resume monitoring. If they are unexpected, there may be a problem with the
monitor software. Contact your service personnel.
Perform a visual and functional check of the keyboard. Contact your service personnel.
There is a problem with the second main board in the monitor. Contact your service personnel.
Potential problem with alarm lamps, display or interfaces detected. Contact your service personnel.
The temperature inside the monitor is too high. Check that the monitor ventilation is not obstructed.
If the situation continues, contact your service personnel.
Perform a visual and functional check of the mouse input device. Contact your service personnel.
There is a problem with the voltage of the Measurement Link (MSL). Contact your service personnel.
The monitor is receiving network topology information from more than one source, e.g. the Database
Server and an Application Server. Contact your service personnel.
There is a problem with device pairing. Check that the monitor and telemetry device are correctly
There is a mismatch between patient data in two connected devices. Resolve the mismatch to allow
settings and data synchronization.
appears next to the numeric.
INOP messages are


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