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Acknowledging Alarms; Pausing Or Switching Off Alarms - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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Acknowledging Alarms

To acknowledge all active alarms and INOPs, press the Silence key. This switches off the audible alarm
indicators and alarm lamps.
A check mark beside the alarm message indicates that the alarm has been acknowledged
monitor is configured to re-alarm, a dashed check mark will be shown
If the condition that triggered the alarm is still present after the alarm has been acknowledged, the
alarm message stays on the screen with a check mark symbol beside it, except for NBP alarms and
alarms from other intermittent measurements. When such an alarm is acknowledged the alarm
message disappears.
If the alarm condition is no longer present, all alarm indicators stop and the alarm is reset.
Switching off the alarms for the measurement in alarm, or switching off the measurement itself, also
stops alarm indication.
Acknowledging Disconnect INOPs
Acknowledging an INOP that results from a disconnected transducer switches off the associated
measurement. The only exception is ECG/Resp: acknowledging a disconnect INOP for ECG leads
does not switch off the ECG and Resp measurements. Acknowledging a disconnect INOP at the
Information Center switches off the audible INOP indicator but does not switch off the measurement.
Alarm Reminder
Alarm Reminder
conditions that remain active after you have acknowledged the alarm. This reminder may take the form
of a repetition of the alarm tone for a limited time, or an unlimited repetition of the alarm tone (this is
the same as a new alarm).
and red INOPs.
In Configuration Mode, you can set the interval between silencing the alarm and sounding the
reminder tone to one, two, or three minutes.
The alarm reminder behavior at the Information Center is different to that at the monitor. Refer to the
Information Center Instructions for Use for further information.

Pausing or Switching Off Alarms

If you want to temporarily prevent alarms from sounding, for example while you are moving a patient,
you can pause alarms. Depending on your monitor configuration, alarms are paused for one, two, or
three minutes, or infinitely. Infinite alarm pause is equivalent to switching the alarms off.
is configured on for your monitor, you will get an audible reminder of alarm
Alarm Reminder
is not available for standard, light blue INOPs but for yellow
3 Alarms
. If the


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