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Audible Alarm Indicators - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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Bright Alarm Limits
If the alarm was triggered by an alarm limit violation, the corresponding alarm limit on the monitor
screen is shown more brightly if
Alarm Lamp
A lamp on the monitor's front panel flashes. The alarm lamp is divided into two sections. The right
one flashes for a patient alarm, except for short yellow alarms where the lamp will light for
approximately six seconds. The color is yellow or red corresponding to the highest priority patient
alarm currently present. The left one lights continuously for a light blue INOP and flashes for yellow
or red INOPs as follows:
INOP Lamp Color
If only patient alarms are present, and no INOPs, the patient alarms will use both left and right
sections to flash (for red and yellow alarms) or light for approximately six seconds (for short yellow
alarms). If only INOPs are present, and no patient alarms, red and yellow INOPs will use both left and
right sections to flash but light blue INOPs will always light continuously in the left section only.

Audible Alarm Indicators

The audible alarm indicators configured for your monitor depend on which alarm standard applies in
your hospital. Audible alarm indicator patterns are repeated until you acknowledge the alarm by
switching it off or pausing it, or until the alarm condition ceases (if audible alarm indication is set to
Do not rely exclusively on the audible alarm system for patient monitoring. Adjustment of alarm
volume to a low level or off during patient monitoring may result in patient danger. Remember
that the most reliable method of patient monitoring combines close personal surveillance with
correct operation of monitoring equipment.
Alarm Tone Configuration
The audible alarm indicators of your monitor are configurable. In the monitor's Configuration Mode,
you can:
increase the alarm volume of unacknowledged alarms at regular intervals
change the interval between alarm sounds (ISO/IEC Standard alarms only)
change the base volume of the red and yellow alarm tones and the INOP tones
change the alarm sound to suit the different alarm standards valid in different countries.
is enabled and there is sufficient room on the
Show ALarmLimits
1.0 seconds
0.25 seconds
3 Alarms
1.0 seconds
0.25 seconds


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