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Alarm Functionality Enhancements
Pause Yellow Alarms (with PIIC iX only) - up until now, the
switched off or paused all red and yellow alarms. Now an alarm priority configuration setting is
available to have only yellow alarms affected.
Pause Alarms
no longer be switched off or paused. The
Pause Alarms
the permanent key from the screen to avoid unintentional switching off of alarms. Alarms can still
be switched off or paused, in the
Alarms paused after Standby mode - alarms are automatically paused for 1 minute after Standby
mode to allow time for patient connection.
Capture 12-Lead ECG Enhancements (with PIIC iX only)
The existing 12-Lead ECG capture functionality has been extended to offer:
Download of analysis results from the IntelliVue Information Center.
Download of 12-Lead captures from the IntelliVue Information Center for review at the patient
Analysis results included in reports and additional report selections with ST Map.
Remote operation of the 12-Lead Export function at the IntelliVue Information Center.
Remote operation of the 12-Lead Lock/Unlock function at the IntelliVue Information Center.
New filter settings that are used as a default for future 12-Lead captures.
New "End Afib" and "End Irregular HR" Alarms
The end of an atrial fibrillation or irregular HR phase is announced with an
alarm. The delay time before the alarm is announced can be configured.
Integrated Pulmonary Index for Microstream CO2
An Integrated Pulmonary Index (IPI) numeric is provided, that is an indication of the patient's overall
ventilatory status based on four measurement parameters: etCO
Improved Visibility of Gridlines in Overlapping Waves
Visibility of the gridlines for overlapping waves has been improved, and you can now configure
gridlines to be shown in white, if you prefer, in a thin or thick style.
Timeout for "Aged" Numerics
NBP and SpO
disappear from the screen after a set time. This avoids older numerics being misinterpreted as current
data. The time can be set individually for SpO
Alarms Off
not allowed - when the alarm priority is set to
Alarms Off
key can be removed from the screen - a configuration setting removes
numerics from intermittent measurements can be configured to be grayed out or to
Pause Alarms
Pause Alarms
Alarms Off
menu, under
Main Setup
, awRR, pulse rate and SpO
and NBP in Configuration mode.
2 What's New?
Alarms Off
Not Allowed
, alarms can
key is disabled.
* End AFIB
* End Irregular


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