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Changing Measurement Settings; Switching A Measurement On And Off; Adjusting A Measurement Wave - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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1 Basic Operation
All settings are reset to the stored defaults:
when you discharge a patient
when you load a Profile
when the monitor is switched off for more than one minute (if

Changing Measurement Settings

Each measurement has a setup menu in which you can adjust all of its settings. You can enter a setup
via the measurement numeric - select the measurement numeric to enter its setup menu. For
example, to enter the
via the
switched off, use the
name from the pop-up list.
via the Measurement Selection key.

Switching a Measurement On and Off

When a measurement is off, its waves and numerics are removed from the monitor's screen. The
monitor stops data acquisition and alarming for this measurement.
Enter the measurement's setup menu and select the measurement.
Select the measurement name to toggle between on and off. The screen display indicates the active
If you disconnect a transducer, the monitor replaces the measurement numeric with question marks. If
you silence the resulting INOP, the measurement is switched off. Also if you pause or switch off
alarms, the measurement may be switched off completely, depending on monitor configuration.

Adjusting a Measurement Wave

To quickly adjust wave-related measurement settings (such as speed or size), select the measurement
wave itself. This displays the measurement wave menu, which has only wave-related measurement
Changing Wave Speeds
Lowering the wave speed compresses the wave and lets you view a longer time period. Increasing the
speed expands the waveform, giving you a more detailed view.
The monitor distinguishes two groups of wave speed settings:
Global Speed
Setup ECG
menu, select the HR (heart rate) numeric.
SmartKey - if you want to setup a measurement when the measurement is
Main Setup
Main Setup
SmartKey and select
, for CO
, for all waves not included in the other group.
Automat. Default
. Then select the measurement
is set to


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