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1. If ECG/SpO
in the range 2.0 to 2.3 GHz where it is 1 V/m.
Field strengths from fixed transmitters, such as base stations for radio (cellular, cordless) telephones
and land mobile radios, amateur radio, AM and FM radio broadcast and TV broadcast cannot be
predicted theoretically with accuracy. To assess the electromagnetic environment due to fixed RF
transmitters, an electromagnetic site survey should be considered. If the measured field strength in the
location in which the monitor is used exceeds the applicable RF compliance level above, the monitor
should be observed to verify normal operation. If abnormal performance is observed, additional
measures may be necessary, such as reorienting or relocating the monitor.
These guidelines may not apply in all situations. Electromagnetic propagation is affected by absorption
and reflection from structures, objects, and people.
Recommended separation distances from portable and mobile RF
communication equipment
The monitor is intended for use in an electromagnetic environment in which radiated RF disturbances
are controlled. The customer or user of the monitor can help prevent electromagnetic interference by
maintaining a minimum distance between portable and mobile RF communications equipment and the
monitor as recommended below, according to the maximum output power of the communications
In the following table, P is the maximum output power rating of the transmitter in watts (W) according
to the transmitter manufacturer and d is the recommended separation distance in meters (m). The
values given in brackets are for respiration.
Frequency of
150 kHz to 80 MHz
d = 1.2√P
for respiration:
d = 3.5√P
Rated max. output
Separation distance
power of transmitter
0.01 W
0.1 (0.4) m
0.1 W
0.4 (1.1) m
1 W
1.3 (3.5) m
10 W
3.8 (11.1) m
100 W
12.0 (35.0) m
Electrosurgery Interference/Defibrillation/Electrostatic Discharge
The equipment returns to the previous operating mode within 10 seconds without loss of any stored
data. Measurement accuracy may be temporarily decreased while performing electrosurgery or
defibrillation. This does not affect patient or equipment safety. Do not expose the equipment to x-ray
or strong magnetic fields (MRI).
signals are acquired from a telemetry device via short range radio the compliance level is 3V/m except
80 MHz to 800 MHz
d = 1.2√P
for respiration:
d = 3.5√P
Separation distance
0.1 (0.4) m
0.4 (1.1) m
1.3 (3.5) m
3.8 (11.1) m
12.0 (35.0) m
24 Specifications
800 MHz to 2,5 GHz
d = 2.3√P
for respiration:
d = 7.0√P
for short range radio in the range 2.0
to 2.3 GHz:
d = 7.0√P
Separation distance
0.2 (0.7) m
0.7 (2.2) m
2.3 (7.0) m
7.3 (22.1) m
23.0 (70.0) m


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