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24 Specifications
NBP Performance Specifications
Measurement Time
Cuff Inflation Time
Initial Cuff Inflation Pressure
Maximum Cuff Pressure
Auto Mode Repetition Times
STAT Mode Cycle Time
Venipuncture Mode Inflation
Inflation Pressure
Automatic deflation
Measurement Validation: Clinical investigation according to ISO 81060-2:2013 with the auscultatory
reference method:
the 5th Korotkoff sound (K5) was used in adult / adolescent subjects and the 4th Korotkoff
sound (K4) was used in pediatric subjects to determine the diastolic reference pressures.
the approximation MAP = (2*DIA + SYS) / 3 was used to calculate reference MAP (mean arterial
pressure) values from the systolic and diastolic reference pressures.
Clinical investigation according to ISO 81060-2:2013 with the intra-arterial reference method:
the radial artery was used for the intra-arterial reference measurement.
the MAP values displayed by the reference invasive blood pressure monitor were used as MAP
reference values.
blood pressure recordings with any dysrhythmias were excluded.
Typical at HR >60 bpm
Adult: 30 seconds
Neonatal: 25 seconds
Stat: 20 seconds
Maximum time:
Adult/pedi: 180 seconds
Neo: 90 seconds
Typical for normal adult cuff: Less than 10 seconds
Typical for neonatal cuff: Less than 2 seconds
Adult: 165 ±15 mmHg
Pedi: 130 ±15 mmHg
Neo: 100 ±15 mmHg
Adult/Pedi: 300 mmHg
Neo: 150 mmHg
1 min, 2 min, 2.5 min, 3 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1h, 2h,
4h, 8h, 12h, 24h
5 minutes
20 to 120 mmHg (3 to 16 kPa)
20 to 80 mmHg (3 to 11 kPa)
20 to 50 mmHg (3 to 7 kPa)
170 seconds
85 seconds


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