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Understanding Screens; Using The Xds Remote Display - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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Understanding Screens

Your monitor comes with a set of pre-configured Screens, optimized for common monitoring
scenarios such as "OR adult", or "ICU neonatal". A Screen defines the overall selection, size and
position of waves, numerics and other elements on the monitor screen when you switch on. You can
easily switch between different Screens during monitoring. Screens do NOT affect alarm settings,
patient category and so forth.
Switching to a Different Screen
To switch to a different Screen:
After closing any open menus or windows, press the Main Screen key to access the
Choose the new Screen from the
Changing a Screen's Content
If you do not want to change the entire Screen content, but only some parts of it, you can substitute
individual waves, numerics, or trends. Be aware that these changes cannot be stored permanently in
Monitoring Mode.
To change the selection of elements on a Screen,
Select the element you want to change. For example, touch the wave to enter the wave setup menu,
or touch the numeric to enter the numeric setup menu.
From the menu that appears, select
numeric you want.
In the
Change Screen
an asterisk.
Up to three modified Screens can be accessed via the
To recall Screens, select the name of the Screen in the
After a patient discharge, the monitor's default Screen is shown. Modified Screens are still available in
Change Screen
If the monitor is switched off and then on again, modified Screens are erased from the monitor's
memory and cannot be recalled. If a modified Screen was the last active Screen when the monitor was
switched off, it is retained unless the monitor is configured to revert to the default.

Using the XDS Remote Display

Using the IntelliVue XDS Solution it is possible to view an independent monitor screen on an external
display. The XDS Solution consists of a medical grade PC-based hardware platform, XDS Application
software and the XDS connectivity option on the monitor. Depending on the configuration you can
also operate the monitor from the external display. The XDS must be connected to the same Local
Area Network (LAN) as the monitor.
It is also possible to use an existing PC, connected to the same LAN, to host the XDS Application
For more details, including limitations and restrictions, refer to the IntelliVue XDS Application
Instructions for Use.
Change Screen
Change Wave
menu, the changed Screen is shown linked to the original Screen and marked with
, and then select the wave or
Change Numeric
Change Screen
Change Screen
1 Basic Operation
Change Screen


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