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Installation Safety Information; Monitor Mounting Precautions - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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Installation Safety Information

If multiple instruments are connected to a patient, the sum of the leakage currents may exceed the
limits given in IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-1, UL 60601-1. Consult your service personnel.
Combining equipment Combinations of medical equipment with non-medical equipment must comply with IEC
Network Cables
The actual placement of boards and configuration of connections for your monitor depends on how
your hardware has been configured. See the symbols table in this chapter to see which symbols are
used to mark the connections.
Connect only medical devices to the ECG output connector socket.
Connecting the ECG sync out to external equipment should only be done by a qualified user. Do
not touch the patient when you have contact to the ECG output connector socket.
Always connect the ECG sync cable first to the external device and then to the monitor. Wherever
possible, pre-install the cable before the patient is brought into the vicinity of the equipment.

Monitor Mounting Precautions

Mount the monitor using either the Philips Quick Mount or Fix Mount solution or another approved
mounting solution. Select the mounting equipment and the mounting position so that no patient,
operator or other person can be harmed by a monitor removed intentionally or released accidentally
from the mount. When using the Quick Mount, be aware of the danger of accidental activation of the
Quick Mount release button when lifting or moving items located under the monitor, such as pole
mounts, etc. If in doubt, use the Philips Fix Mount solution to avoid such situations. Refer to the
respective IntelliVue Monitor Service Manual, Installation Instructions chapter, for more details.
Always ensure that the monitor is positioned so that the AC power plug is easily accessible, to allow
disconnection of the monitor from the AC power source.
Repositioning a Monitor on the Mounting Arm
Attempts to reposition the monitor should only be performed as described in the mounting hardware
manufacturer's user documentation. If the mounting arm has a locking mechanism, ensure the locking
mechanism is unlocked before attempting to reposition the monitor. Never pull on the monitor to tilt,
swivel or otherwise reposition it - always hold on to the mounting hardware itself.
The monitor must be earthed during operation. The earthing is for functional purposes and
does not provide protection against electric shock. The protection against electric shock in this
device is provided by double and/or reinforced insulation. If a three-wire receptacle is not
available, consult the hospital electrician. Never use a three-wire to two-wire adapter.
60601-1-1. Never use a multiple portable socket-outlet or extension cord when combining
equipment unless the socket outlet is supplied specifically for use with that equipment.
All network cables must be unshielded.
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