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1 Basic Operation
Your monitor has four operating modes. Some are passcode protected.
Monitoring Mode: This is the normal, every day working mode that you use for monitoring
patients. You can change elements such as alarm limits, patient category and so forth. When you
discharge the patient, these elements return to their default values. Changes can be stored
permanently only in Configuration Mode. You may see items, such as some menu options or the
altitude setting, that are visible but 'grayed out' so that you can neither select nor change them.
These are for your information and can be changed only in Configuration Mode.
Demonstration Mode: Passcode protected, this is for demonstration purposes only. You must
not change into Demonstration Mode during monitoring. In Demonstration Mode, all stored
trend information is deleted from the monitor's memory.
Configuration Mode: Passcode protected, this mode is for personnel trained in configuration
tasks. These tasks are described in the Configuration Guide. During installation the monitor is
configured for use in your environment. This configuration defines the default settings you work
with when you switch on, the number of waves you see and so forth.
Service Mode: Passcode protected, this is for trained service personnel.
When the monitor is in Demonstration Mode, Configuration Mode, or Service Mode, this is indicated
by a box with the mode name in the center of the Screen and a symbol in the bottom right-hand
corner. Select the mode box in the center of the screen to change to a different mode.
Standby Mode
Standby mode can be used when you want to temporarily interrupt monitoring.
To enter Standby mode,
Press the SmartKeys key
Either select the
Or select the
The Standby screen is a neutral screen with information about the monitor and instructions on how to
leave Standby mode.
The monitor enters Standby mode automatically after the End Case function is used to discharge a
patient. Standby suspends patient monitoring. All waves and numerics disappear from the display but
all settings and patient data information are retained. The Standby screen is displayed.
If a temporary patient location has been entered at the monitor or at the Information Center, this
location will also be displayed on the Standby screen.
To resume monitoring,
Select anything on the screen or press any key.
When monitoring is resumed, alarms are paused for 1 minute to allow time to finish plugging in the
measurement cables.
Monitor Standby
Main Setup
SmartKey, then select
Monitor Standby


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