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Inspecting The Cables And Cords; Maintenance Task And Test Schedule; Troubleshooting - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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22 Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Inspecting the Cables and Cords

Examine all system cables, the power plug and cord for damage. Make sure that the prongs of the
plug do not move in the casing. If damaged, replace it with an appropriate Philips power cord.
Inspect the patient cables, leads and their strain reliefs for general condition. Make sure there are
no breaks in the insulation. Make sure that the connectors are properly engaged at each end to
prevent rotation or other strain.
Apply the transducer or electrodes to the patient, and with the monitor switched on, flex the
patient cables near each end to make sure that there are no intermittent faults.

Maintenance Task and Test Schedule

The following tasks are for Philips-qualified service professionals only. All maintenance tasks and
performance tests are documented in detail in the service documentation supplied on the monitor
documentation DVD.
Ensure that these tasks are carried out as indicated by the monitor's maintenance schedule, or as
specified by local laws. Contact a Philips-qualified service provider if your monitor needs a safety or
performance test. Clean and disinfect equipment to decontaminate it before testing or maintaining it.
Maintenance and Test Activities
Monitor Tests
Safety checks. Selected tests on the basis of
IEC 60601-1.
Check ECG synchronization of the monitor
and defibrillator (only if hospital protocol
requires use of monitor during defibrillation).
Measurement Tests
Performance assurance for all measurements
not listed below.
NBP calibration
Microstream CO
performance test
Mainstream and sidestream CO
and sidestream flow check
Battery Maintenance See "Optimizing Battery Performance" on page 254 for battery maintenance activities.


If you suspect a problem with an individual measurement, read the Instructions for Use and double-
check that you have set up the measurement correctly.
If you suspect an intermittent, system-wide problem call your service personnel. You may be asked for
information from the status log. To view the status log,
In the
Main Setup
calibration and
menu, select
Status Log
At least once every two years, or as needed, after
any repairs where the power supply is removed
or replaced, or if the monitor has been dropped.
At least once every two years, or as needed.
At least once every two years, or if you suspect
the measurement values are incorrect.
At least once every two years, or as specified by
local laws.
At least once a year or after 4000 operating
At least once a year, or if you suspect the
measurement values are incorrect.


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