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Printing A Test Report; Switching Printers On Or Off For Reports; Dashed Lines On Reports; Unavailable Printer: Re-routing Reports - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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Printing a Test Report

A test report can be printed in Configuration mode, refer to the Service Guide for details.

Switching Printers On or Off for Reports

You can enable or disable printer status to switch individual printers on or off for report printouts.
In the
on or off for Reports printing from the pop-up list.
no reports will be printed to the named printer.
If the monitor detects that no printer of a particular type is available, the
automatically be set to
Local printers from the XDS Application print service are always enabled and cannot be disabled

Dashed Lines on Reports

If a section of a wave on a report is drawn with dashed lines, this tells you that a setting that affects the
appearance of the wave on the screen was changed while the report was printing.
For example, if you change the wave scale while a report is printing, the wave scale and wave size are
changed immediately on the monitor screen and on the report. To indicate that the scale information
printed at the beginning of the report no longer matches the currently used scale, the wave will be
printed using dashed lines, starting from the moment the change took place.
Some examples of settings that cause dashed lines in reports if changed during printing are: Filter
mode, ECG lead placement, wave scale, measurement unit, paced/non-paced setting, and
measurement mode. Note that as ECG waves are drawn with a fixed gain on reports (either 10 mm/
mV or 20 mm/mV), changing the ECG wave scale will not cause dashed-line reports.
To avoid dashed lines on reports, wait 15 seconds after changing a setting before you trigger a report.

Unavailable Printer: Re-routing Reports

If you send a report to be printed on a printer that is not available, for example, because it has run out
of paper, this print job is suspended and stored in the monitor's memory.
If the target device of this print job was set to
the print job to the first printer listed in the
that has paper of the correct size.
Setup Printers
menu, select
to switch between the settings
Printer Status
and "grayed out".
and then select the name of the device you want to switch
, the monitor will periodically try to resend
menu under
Setup Printers
19 Printing Patient Reports
. If you set this to
setting will
Printer Status
that is set to


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