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17 Trends
a deviation bar, showing how the currently measured value deviates from the set horizon (3). The
height of the deviation bar is an indication of the extent of the change in your patient's condition
relative to the (horizon) baseline.
Your monitor may not be configured to show all elements of the screen trend horizon view.
Setting the Horizon
The horizon is the reference value to which deviations in the measurements are compared.
To set the horizon:
Select the horizon trend.
Set High Horizon
same, the horizon is a baseline - if the values are different the horizon is a range.
Set Low Horizon
Auto Horizon
Auto All
Set Horizon
Setting the Horizon Trend Scale
The horizon trend scale is defined with respect to the horizon. If your horizon is set to 100 and you
select 20 as the horizon scale delta, the upper limit of the horizon scale will be 120 and lower limit 80.
To set the horizon trend scale delta,
Select the horizon trend.
and lower scale limits.
Be aware that changing the horizon trend scale can change the angle of the trend indicator, without the
patient's condition having changed.
If a measurement exceeds the outer limits of the scale, the wave will be clipped and you must either
reset the horizon or the horizon trend scale to display the values outside the scale limits.
Setting the Time Period for the Trend Indicator Arrow
The time period for which the trend indicator arrow is displayed can be set in the
Select 10, 5 or 2 minutes.
to select the upper horizon value. If the high and low horizon values are the
to select the lower horizon value.
to set the horizon for the selected horizon trend to the currently-measured value.
to reset the horizon for all horizon screen trends to the currently-measured values.
to set the horizon to a specific value from a pop-up list.
Set Scale Delta
and select a value to define the distance between the horizon and the upper
Main Setup
then select


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