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15 Using a Telemetry Device and a Monitor
Pairing at the monitor is only possible when the monitor already has a connection to the Information
Center and the Information Center software version allows pairing at the monitor.
Own Patient Overview Window
The measurements from the telemetry device are shown in the own patient overview window on the
monitor when there is no direct connection via short range radio link.
See "Own Patient Overview Window" on page 98.
Direct Connection - Automatic Pairing
The following direct connections are possible:
a TRx+4841A/4851A IntelliVue Telemetry system transceiver connected via short range radio
(SRR) link to an MP2 with SRR capability.
If a telemetry device is assigned to a monitor via a direct short range radio link, the monitor and the
telemetry device are automatically paired at the Information Center (if configured).
The measured data from the telemetry device - ECG and, if available, SpO
monitor screen and will be sent through the monitor to the Information Center. The ECG waves and
numerics appear in place of the monitor's own ECG, and SpO
measurement. When ECG is measured with the telemetry device there will be no Respiration
measurement derived.
When ECG is being measured with a telemetry device directly connected to the monitor, there will
be no ECG signal available at the ECG analog output or ECG Sync Pulse output and no
synchronization marks on the ECG wave. A
When a telemetry device is connected to the monitor, arrhythmia relearning is initiated, and again
when the telemetry device is disconnected.
Controls on the Telemetry Device (e.g. nurse call) will be inactive when the device is directly
connected to the monitor except in the case when the monitor has no network connection and
data are transferred via the telemetry device.
See the "Enhancing Telemetry Monitoring with the Monitor" chapter.
Assigning a Telemetry Transceiver with an SRR Adapter to a Monitor
A telemetry device with a short range radio adapter can be assigned to a monitor directly.
Monitors which have this capability have a short range radio symbol
If the monitor is using the MBAN frequency band (2.360 - 2.400 GHz, for US / FCC regulated
countries only), direct assignment of a telemetry device is not possible. If problems occur with the
direct assignment, contact your service personnel to check the frequency band used.
T is displayed as an additional
No ECG Out
message will appear in the ECG wave
on the model label.
T - will appear on the


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