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Connect the cannula, airway adapter, or sample line as appropriate, to the sensor. It will click into
place when seated correctly.
To zero the sensor:
expose the sensor to room air and keep it away from all sources of CO
ventilator, the patient's breath and your own.
in the setup menu for the CO
when you see the message
calibration is finished and you can begin monitoring.
For intubated patients requiring an airway adapter: Install the airway adapter at the proximal end of the
circuit between the elbow and the ventilator Y-section.
For intubated patients with an integrated airway adapter in the breathing circuit: Connect the male luer
connector on the straight sample line to the female port on the airway adapter.
For non-intubated patients: Place the nasal cannula onto the patient.
For patients prone to mouth breathing use an oral-nasal cannula.
For nasal or oral-nasal cannulas with oxygen delivery, place the cannula on the patient as shown then
attach the oxygen supply tubing to the oxygen delivery system and set the prescribed oxygen flow.
, select
Start Zero Cal
CO₂ calibration done at <Date and Time>
14 Monitoring Carbon Dioxide
including the
on the status line, the zero


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