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Adjusting The Calibration Factor; Displaying A Mean Pressure Value Only; Changing The Pressure Wave Scale; Optimizing The Waveform - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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<Press Label> can't cal.; unstable
<Press Label> can't calibr.;do zero

Adjusting the Calibration Factor

Each time you use a reusable transducer, compare the calibration factor written on your transducer
with the calibration factor shown on the monitor. To ensure accurate measurement, they must be the
In the
If the value here does not match that on the transducer, select the corresponding value from the
list, in accordance with your hospital's procedure.
To confirm you want to use the new calibration factor, select the

Displaying a Mean Pressure Value Only

Use this when you want to see only the mean pressure.
In the pressure's setup menu, select
to display all pressure values (systolic, diastolic and mean).

Changing the Pressure Wave Scale

Select the label of the pressure wave whose scale you want to set to enter the
In the
Select a value from the pop-up list:
a positive value sets the top gridline. The bottom gridline is set at zero.
a negative value sets the bottom gridline. The middle gridline is set at zero.

Optimizing the Waveform

In the
Setup <Press Label>
maximum scales for the current wave.

Non-Physiological Artifact Suppression

Some clinical procedures may affect blood pressure, for example, a flush procedure or a blood sample.
Your monitor may be configured to suppress these non-physiological artifacts for a specified duration
Artifact Suppr.
shows the INOP message
numerics. Pressure alarms and the
period. The CPP alarms are not suppressed.
menu, select
Setup <Press Label>
Mean only
Setup <Press Label>
menu, (for example
menu, select
is configured to
30 sec
<Press Label> Artifact
<Press Label> No Pulse
13 Monitoring Invasive Pressure
Corrective Action
Make sure there are no disturbances to the transducer, and
repeat the calibration.
No valid zero. Zero the transducer.
Cal. Factor
. Toggle between
) select
Optimum Scale
to let the monitor select the best minimum and
60 sec
, or
90 sec
). During artifact suppression, the monitor
, and a question mark is shown beside the pressure
INOP are suppressed during the configured
pop-up key.
to display mean pressure value only,
Setup <Press Label>


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