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Overview Of Calibration Procedures; Zeroing The Pressure Transducer - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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Overview of Calibration Procedures

Calibration requirements depend on the situation and the type of transducer used. Recommendations
for the different calibration procedures are given in the table below.
calibration factor

Zeroing the Pressure Transducer

To avoid inaccurate pressure readings, the monitor requires a valid zero. Zero the transducer in
accordance with your hospital policy. You must perform a zero:
when you use a new transducer or tubing
every time you reconnect the transducer cable to the monitor
if you think the monitor's pressure readings are not correct.
Zeroing ICP (or IC1/IC2)
Your hospital guidelines may require you to zero the ICP transducer less frequently than other
transducers, due to the need for aseptic conditions. When you zero an ICP transducer, the zero values
are automatically stored and you will not be prompted to repeat the zero procedure.
If you want to simultaneously zero all pressures except ICP, disconnect the ICP transducer from the
monitor while zeroing. Reconnecting the transducer recalls the stored values.
If you select the label ICP (or IC1/IC2), the measurement device uses the most recently stored zero.
Therefore, make sure you zeroed the transducer correctly in accordance with the transducer
manufacturer's instructions and your hospital policy. When you use a transducer that you cannot
rezero after placement, ensure that you keep the measuring device with the patient so that you are
certain you have the correct zero data for this patient.
When to perform
Every time you use a new or a
different transducer or tubing
Every time you reconnect the
transducer to the monitor
If you think the monitor's pressure
readings are not correct
Every time you use a new or a
different transducer
According to your hospital policy
Can be done instead of the calibration
procedure when a calibration factor is
marked on your reusable transducer
13 Monitoring Invasive Pressure
For which transducers?


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