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Starting And Stopping Measurements - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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The NBP timestamp will normally show the completion time of the NBP measurement. Only under
the following conditions the timestamp shows the beginning of the measurement:
when in
the monitor is configured to synchronize the measurements in a measurement series to an "easy-
to-document" time. For example, if you start the first measurement at 08:23, and the
set to 10 minutes, the monitor automatically performs the next measurement at 8:30, then 8:40 and
so on.
During Measurements
The cuff pressure is displayed instead of the units and the repeat time. An early systolic value gives you
a preliminary indication of the systolic blood pressure during measurement.
When Unexpected Values are Measured
When values measured are higher or lower than expected, check the following potential causes:
Possible Cause
The patient was talking or moving before or
during the measurement.
The incorrect cuff size was used or the cuff was
not at heart level
The noninvasive blood pressure reference
method is set incorrectly.
Measurement limitations have not been taken
into account.

Starting and Stopping Measurements

Use the
Setup NBP
Action to be performed
Start manual measurement
Start Auto series
Start STAT measurement
mode, and
menu or SmartKeys to start and stop measurements.
Allow the patient to rest quietly, then try again
after three to five minutes.
Check the cuff size, level, and position then repeat
the measurement.
Check the reference method (auscultation or intra-
arterial) in the
menu. If it is incorrect,
Setup NBP
have it changed in Configuration Mode.
Check the list in "Measurement Limitations" on
page 184.
NBP Setup menu
Start/ Stop
Start NBP
Start STAT
11 Monitoring NBP
Repeat Time


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