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Monitoring Pulse Rate; Entering The Setup Pulse Menu; System Pulse Source - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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Monitoring Pulse Rate

The pulse numeric counts the arterial pulsations that result from the mechanical activity of the heart in
beats per minute (bpm). You can display a pulse from any measured SpO
the CL Respiration Pod, or any arterial pressure (P, ABP, ART, Ao, PAP, UAP, FAP, BAP: see the
"Monitoring Invasive Pressure" chapter for an explanation of the pressure labels). The displayed pulse
numeric is labeled and color-coded to match its source wave. If the pulse numeric is not displayed, see
Setup Pulse

Entering the Setup Pulse Menu

If a pulse numeric is displayed on the screen, select it to enter the setup menu for that pulse source. If
no pulse numeric is visible, in the setup menu from the measurement, select pulse with the correct
source, e.g.

System Pulse Source

The currently selected system pulse source is shown in the setup menus of the pulse source
measurements. The pulse rate chosen as system pulse:
is monitored as system pulse and generates alarms when you select pulse as the active alarm source
is sent via the network to the Information Center, if available
is trended in the HighRes Trends and stored in the monitor's databases.
To define which pulse rate is used as system pulse,
In the
Select one of the SpO
If you select
looks through the list from top to bottom and activates the first pulse rate that is switched on and
If your selected pulse source measurement becomes unavailable or is switched off, the monitor will use
the next measurement from the list as system pulse until the selected pulse source measurement
becomes available again.
menu to check whether it is switched on.
Pulse (HR)
Setup Pulse
menu, select
, cmResp or arterial pressure labels from the pop-up list, or select
, the monitor automatically chooses a pulse rate to be used as system pulse. It
System Pulse
signal (pleth wave), from


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