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6 ECG, Arrhythmia, ST and QT Monitoring
Selecting the QT Leads
For QT Monitoring you can select one of the following three modes:
All Leads mode - all available leads (I, II, III, V, MCL, V1 - V9, V3R to V6R) are used to produce
a global QT measurement. For EASI lead placement, directly acquired AI, AS and ES leads are
Primary-Lead mode - the primary lead will be used for QT measurement. If the original primary
lead becomes unavailable or is changed, QT measurement will continue with the new primary lead.
Single-Lead mode - a single lead selected from all available leads (except the augmented leads) will
be used for QT measurement. QT measurement will stop if the selected lead becomes unavailable.
To select the mode,
Select the QT numeric to enter the
Select QT Lead and select
When using the All Leads mode, make sure when you compare QT values that they are based on the
same set of leads.
Changing the lead(s) used for QT measurements will not cause the baseline to be reset.
QT View
In the
QT View
The current waves are shown in the upper half of the window and the baseline waves in a different
color below. The Q and T points are marked with a vertical line. By selecting one of the lead labels at
the top of the window you can highlight the corresponding wave; the other waves are shown in gray.
The underlined lead labels are the leads used for the QT calculation. By selecting the numeric area you
can highlight all underlined leads.
If EASI or Hexad lead placement is in use, the corresponding lead placement label will be shown.
Setup QT Analysis
Primary Lead
window you can verify that the QT algorithm detects correct Q and T points.
or one of the available single leads.


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