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Additionally, when both ST maps are displayed, you can view the currently available ST values in the
ST Map (Current)
The ST values are shown in place of the second ST map, and the pop-up key text changes to
. Select the
Trend View
In trend view, you can see up to four trended ST maps, and the current ST map, simultaneously. You
can configure the time interval between trended samples. The most recent map is shown in the same
color as the parameter itself. Past values change from white through dark gray. In the diagram below,
the time interval between trends is one minute. The first trended sample is white and is one minute old.
The second trended sample corresponds to the ST values two minutes ago and so forth. The ST values
on the diagrams show the current ST values.
If a lead is turned off, its axis is no longer shown. This has no impact on the presentation of trended
values that were recorded while the lead was still on.
Limb Leads
Chest Leads
current ST values
trending interval
ST Map (Trend)
window at any time. To do this, select the
Hide Values
Hide Values pop-up key and the display shows both ST maps again.
In this diagram, V4 was either temporarily switched off or in INOP
for around 30 seconds. No data was recorded. Consequently, the
affected maps are not closed.
6 ECG, Arrhythmia, ST and QT Monitoring
Show Values
pop-up key.


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