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Understanding The St Display And Windows - Philips MP2 Instructions For Use Manual

Intellivue patient monitor.
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The order in which ST leads are listed in the
leads are displayed on the monitor screen.
To change the order in which ST leads are displayed,
In the
Select the

Understanding the ST Display and Windows

Your monitor screen may be configured to look slightly different from the illustrations.
ST Numerics
Up to 12 ST numerics plus the ST index can be displayed on the monitor screen. They can be
configured to show beside the measurement numerics, beside the ECG wave, or beside the ST snippet.
A positive ST value indicates ST segment elevation; a negative value indicates depression.
ST numerics are displayed in the order in which you select ST leads for analysis. If there is additional
space in the field assigned to ST numerics, the monitor will display extra numerics in the order in
which they appear in the list in
for analysis that do not fit in the assigned numerics field are shown in succession in place of the last ST
ST Index
The ST index numeric (
it is based on absolute values, it is always a positive number. If you haven't selected one of the leads
V2, V5, and aVF for ST analysis, the ST index numeric will display a question mark "?".
To switch the ST index numeric on or off for display, in the
toggle between
ST Snippets
ST snippets show a one second wave segment for each measured ST lead. The most recent snippet is
drawn in the same color as the ECG wave, usually green, superimposed over the stored baseline
snippet, drawn in a different color. The comparison shows any deviation in the measurement since the
baseline snippet was stored, for example as a result of a procedure carried out on the patient. The
information is updated once per minute.
You can see ST snippets in the
menu, choose a lead from the list.
Setup ST Leads
Sort Up
Sort Down
key to move the lead up or down in the list.
Setup ST Leads
) is the sum of the absolute values for the ST leads V2, V5, aVF. Because
Adjust ST Points
6 ECG, Arrhythmia, ST and QT Monitoring
Setup ST Leads
menu determines the order in which ST
ST numerics
Current HR alarm limits
Current heart rate
, in the
menu. Any ST leads switched on
Setup ST Analysis
Setup ST Analysis
window or the
ST View
menu, select


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